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Patient Surveys


Prosk uses validated, peer-reviewed surveys to measure Patient Reported Outcomes.  Our core survey is the 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36), developed by the RAND Corporation after an extensive study of patient outcomes in different health care delivery systems.

SF-36 is a set of generic, coherent, and easily administered quality-of-life measures. These measures rely upon patient self-reporting and are now widely utilized by managed care organizations and by Medicare for routine monitoring and assessment of care outcomes in adult patients.

In addition to general health surveys, Prosk administers surveys that are specific to the patient's self-reported issues:  For example, a patient who reports a knee injury may be asked to complete the IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form, or a patient with mental health problems may be given the National Comorbitidy Survey.  Health care providers can use the Prosk Utilities application to select the appropriate surveys for their patients.

Seattle Information Systems can also work with health care providers to create custom surveys for your practice.  Prosk improves survey completion rates and provides clear, concise reports that show aggregate data and reporting trends.